Reasons to Buy a Fat Tire Bike
Posted by fatbikeweb, 10/11/2017 9:35 am

It used to be the case that fat bikes, also known as fat tire bikes, were more or less a fringe novelty in the biking community. Today, though, more mountain bikers than ever are beginning to embrace this innovative trend. Read on to find out why.

All-Seasons Biking

While mountain biking is considered by most to be a summer, or at least a warm-weather, sport, truly dedicated bicyclists are always looking for ways to extend the season. Riding a fat bike allows them to do just that, as they are perfect for cold, snowy winter conditions. Originally popularized in Alaska, these bikes have finally begun to receive the attention they deserve in colder Midwestern and New England states.

Ride Just About Anywhere

It's a simple truth that even mountain bikes have their limitations. The best-designed mountain bike, even with winter tires, is simply not capable of performing on snowy roads and trails or extremely sandy conditions. Fat tire bikes, on the other hand, are designed to do just that.

All-Terrain Bikes

It might be more appropriate to call the fat bike an all-terrain bike than a mountain bike. They are capable of taking riders on epic adventures along sandy, rocky shorelines, through mud pits, across the snow, and even around desert sand dunes. The best part, though, is that they can do all this without the risk of damage that bicyclists typically accept as part of the game when they undertake these types of adventures on their standard mountain bikes.

A More Comfortable Ride

Many fat tire bike owners choose to ride them even in the summer when they are facing particularly rocky trails. Although they aren't capable of the same speeds mountain bikes are, this choice still makes a lot of sense. Simply put, fat tire bikes are capable of traversing excessively rocky trails while providing an unprecedented amount of comfort to their riders.

A Great Excuse to Buy a New Bike

Anyone who really loves biking knows that the appropriate number of bikes to own can be determined by the equation necessary bikes = n+1, in which ā€œnā€ represents the number of bikes they already have. After all, who doesn't love heading out on the trails on a brand-new bike to see how it feels?

The ever-increasing popularity of fat tire bikes has led to lower prices than ever before, even for riders who prioritize quality over affordability. Find a fat bike for sale today to discover why so many riders are choosing to expand their bike collections and extend their riding seasons indefinitely.

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